Leon de La $co

From The Bay 2 SoCal

"I grew up in The Bay so I'm down to earth.
I live in LA that means I'm down to work."
-The Grouch

Leon Lee, known artistically as 'Leon de La $co', is a MC, Disc Jockey, and Creative Being from San Franci$co. He is currently based out of SoCal.

Leon has an immense knowledge and love of music that matches his deep dedication to social justice. With a background in social justice education and a Ph.D. Candidacy in Ethnic Studies at UCSD, Leon specializes in music, media and events that emphasizes cultural empowerment, inclusion, and upliftment (or as the Universal Zulu Nation has put more elegantly: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun).

Leon de La $co has DJ'ed, MC'ed, performed, hosted, organized, taught at, and/or curated countless events—both physical and virtual. Whether they are classrooms, community events, conferences, house parties, bars and clubs, corporate events, weddings, livestreams, and quite literally everything in-between! From curating functions, kickin' raps, to chopping samples, and mixing tracks, Leon de La $co brings the vibes to feed the heart and soul.